Co-located Deep Learning events in the Otemachi area


DeepCon is a set of co-located Deep Learning events. Included in these events are Deep Learning Lab, the largest deep learning community in Japan, and Deep Learning Otemachi, an English-speaking technical community on deep learning. There will be many other events happening in multiple venues within walking distance.

From novice to experts, for researchers and business people, and in Japanese and in English, depending your needs, you will find suitable sessions among the individual events.

Please come to visit the Japan’s business center during the quiet weekend hours and enjoy the events.


Saturday, June 8th to Sunday, June 9th, 2019


Otemachi area in downtown Tokyo (walking distance from Tokyo station) Please check individual event pages for the details on dates and venues.


Adam Gibson (Skymind), Junpei Hirono (Microsoft), Hiroshi Maruyama (Preferred Networks)

Confirmed events

Deep Learning Lab 2nd Anniversary
CNN Architectures / ML Workflows End to End
Let’s Have Fun with Deep Learning - A 90 Minutes Class for Kids (Grades 5-6)

Please note that, when participating in multiple events, registration for each of them is required.